Association of China-US Cultural Communication and Education
Your partner in creating a meaningful education
Short-term Goal

ACCCE is creating a broad platform for ongoing, timely communication among American and Chinese students, scholars and professionals.  Forums, exhibits, conferences and training will be designed to encourage experienced managers, journalists, and scholars from China and America to share and exchange professional experiences and academic insights; exhibit photo, audio, video and other multimedia products and devices; and further promote direct dialogue among them. ACCCE envisions not only a window to mutual understanding but also a door leading to the enrichment of cultural communication and education via relationships between new media and traditional media, impact of international business on cultural exchange, strategic crisis management, international public relations and effectiveness of advertising, to suggest just a few opportunities. Students, professionals and researchers will have opportunities to share new knowledge and insights, learn from each other, and better understand each other’s points of view and practice in furthering education in various fields.

Long-term Goal

Collaboration with other organizations that share the same or similar values of ACCCE, ACCCE will expand its operation to work with a growing network of higher education institutions and corporate professionals, and have its own publications both online and in print within the next five years.


ACCCE organize events, conferences and training in a broad variety of study areas. Locations and speakers will be arranged accordingly. ACCCE will also apply for funding which will be used for academic research and regular cross-cultural education.